Monday, August 11, 2014

Review Review UCO Mini Ultralight Lantern for Tealight, Really nice little tealight lantern

A week ago. I search for information on the UCO Mini Ultralight Lantern for Tealight Candles, so i have to tell.

UCO Mini Ultralight Lantern for Tealight

The worldwide popularity of the tealight tub candle inspired us to create a lantern to make its use safe and convenient. The design of the UCO Mini Lantern does a superb job of utilizing a readily available candle and expanding its capabilities to include outdoor recreation and wider use around the home. Made to the same high standards as the UCO Original Candle Lantern the patented .... Read more or Check Price

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Just to backpacking I increased the brightness by using 2 fold 6 of those little plastic cups cheap magnification with the small handle is in the glasses kit / sewing ... by Sea Capt.

The old original UCO lanterns were well built and reliable everything is now made economically and abroad. The products UCO have suffered this fate. This mini is much better. by Justin A. Wells

UCO 3 best models in every way in fact better than the original. Lightweight rugged puts out much more light than Micro and almost as much as the ' original. by Colorado Jack

I bought one of the UCO Mini Lantern about a week ago and I really like it And ' small but the height allows plenty of light from the candle out. by Dave M


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